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The registration for the fourth edition of Eroica Limburg (June 28 – June 29 2019) will open on the 3d of December.
Be aware! The online registration be open till the 25th of June!


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Regular registration
It is possible to register for this unique fourth edition of Eroica Limburg.
You don't want to miss this unique event? Register now!


Because of the succes of the pre-Eroica 'brewery ride' last year we organise this year the 'Worlds ride'.
This ride honors the rich world-championship heritage and history of the province of Limburg.
Enjoy this great ride with lots of history, great company and tasteful drinks.

Ciclo Club Eroica

This registration is only for the members of Ciclo Club Eroica. If you are not a member please go to Ciclo Club Eroica an join the club.




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