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June 25, 2018

Start belongings pick up
You can pick up your start belongings on Friday 29 June or Saturday 30 June at the event location in the Dersaborg park next to the merchandise stand. (Geneindestraat 4, 6301 HC Valkenburg)
  Start times
Please find below the start times of all the distances.
The start (Theodoor Dorrenplein 10, 6301 DV Valkenburg) is at cycle distance from the festival area where the finish will be.
160 KM 07:00  –  08:00 hour
100 KM 08:009:00 hour
60 KM 09:0010:00 hour
Routes Eroica Limburg 2018
Also excited to see the routes for 2018? Take a look at the link below to see what you can expect! You can find an itinerary and a google maps link to save in your phone for example.

Check the routes:

Accessibility and parking

Eroica Limburg is easily accessible by public transport. Valkenburg Station is located directly near the festival area. Parking possibilities are at the regular parking areas within the municipality of Valkenburg. We also advise you to park in the industrial area ‘De Valkenberg’.
Other nearest parking areas are:
During the festival there will daily be a variety of food trucks , a bicycle fair, various performances, a nostalgic fun fair for kids and a big screen for watching the World Championship Football / National Championship Cycling  / Formula 1.
Check out the festival schedule below:
Friday 29 June                        17:00 – ± 23:00 hour
17:00 h                                   DJ Snake
20:00 h                                   Rene Innemee & Fever of Live
Saturday 30 June                   12:00 – ± 23:00 hour
12:00 h                                   DJ Snake
12:00 – 19:00 h                      Finish Eroica participants
15:00 – 18:00 h                      Singer-Songwriter Ruud Heine
18:30 – 21:30 h                      Jean Notermans & Evy Cratsborn
Sunday 1 July                         12:00 – ± 20:00 hour
12:00 h                                   DJ Wim Frijns
16:00 h                                   Janse Bagge Bend
Shower & Changing facilities
If you want to take a shower or change clothes after the tour, you can visit the Amstel Gold Race Xperience (Plenkertstraat 50, 6301 GL Valkenburg). Please ask for it at the bar in the cafe on arrival.

End times
Below you can find the opening hours of the facilities along the route and the finish. Pay attention; not every location is in each route.





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