Poster Eroica Limburg 2019

February 28, 2019

Last week we had the honour publishing the new Eroica Limburg poster for the 2019 edition. This year the organisation of Eroica Limburg chose to organise a design contest. More than 30 designers from all over the world responded to this contest. After a ‘blind’ selection process the winning design was made by Marco Nix from The Netherlands.
Marco Nix works for a designer company in Limburg. Salient detail this company is situated opposite the Eroica Limburg festival ground. Nix has caught in special way the values of Eroica Limburg, retro cycling and the unique Limburg landmarks and landscape, in his design.
Eroica atmosphere
The rider in the background cycles on a retro bike wearing the rainbow jersey of the world champion, this is a link to the rich history of the Limburg region (6 world championships cycling on road and cyclocross). The female cyclist wars a TI-Raleigh jersey with a link to the great TI-Raleigh team with riders such as Jan Raas, Gerie Kneteman and Amstel Gold Race course director Leo van Vliet.
Besides the retro riders the following landmarks in Limburg are visible in the poster: The South-Limburg based Steam train company (Simpelveld), Cortenbach estate (Voerendaal), St. Servaasbridge (Maastricht), typical land houses of Limburg (Gulpen-Wittem), The three country point (Vaals), Church of Vijlen (highest situated church in The Netherlands), windmill of Vrouwenheide (Ubachsberg), the famous border markers and the Wilhelmina-tower in Valkenburg.
2019 edition
Eroica Limburg will be organized from 28-29 June 2019 with start and finish in Valkenburg. Eroica Limburg has three distances (35-60-125-200km). Besides the retro cycling there will also be room for some great music, food trucks, regional dishes and a cycling fair.





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