International registrations for Eroica Limburg

February 10, 2017

With only 5 months to go before the first Eroica riders will take over the streets of Limburg again, the registration of riders is going well.
Never before more nationalities registered for Eroica Limburg then this year. Riders from over 16 nationalities will be starting their ride through the cross border region of  Limburg. Riders from England and Germany deliver the top 2 of participants. Besides riders from these countries, Limburg welcomes also riders from further away such as South-Africa and New-Zealand. The organization of Eroica Limburg is very pleased with these international guests. “This is the prove that we are on the right track to position Eroica Limburg on the calender and the cross border cycling region Limburg on the international map”, according to Richard van Beek who organizes Eroica Limburg together with Iwan Linckens. Eroica Limburg will be organized from June 30 till July 2. The Eroica ride is scheduled for Saturday July 1. On Sunday July 2 a Eroica style visit to the Tour de France - that will pass by only a few miles from Limburg - will be organized as well. A package deal is available when registering. Click here.





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