Highlights Eroica Limburg

April 4, 2016

Dersaborg Park in the heart of Valkenburg serves as the hub of Eroica Limburg. It is the starting point of the three routes from which participants can choose: 60, 100 and 160 kilometres. These routes cover paved and unpaved roads through Limburg, across the border into Belgium's Voeren region, Germany and back again to Limburg. The routes are different from the established routes in Limburg that we have known for years. Participants will pass places and locations that are normally off-limits to cyclists, or where owners do not usually give permission to access. For example, the Brand beer brewery in Wijlre will open its doors to allow cyclists to cross the brewery grounds for the first time in history. Valkenburg's famous caves are part of the route, too. They offer the cyclists a breathtaking and thrilling course. Eroica also features the many well-known and lesser-known historical buildings in the border region, such as Cortenbach farm, Terworm castle and Altembrouck castle, to name just a few. In fact, the beautiful historical surroundings of Altembrouck will serve as a refuelling stop. And last but not least, the stunning views of the Limburg countryside at Epen, the tri country point (Drielandenpunt) and the 'Tuscan' hills of Eys and Wittem will also be included, of course. 





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