January 19, 2018

Proudly presenting the 2018 Eroica Limburg poster.
The year is only tree weeks away and we can already present to you the new Eroica Limburg 2018 art poster.
The artists took a close look at the beautiful landscape in Limburg and came up with this fine piece of art.
What can you all see in the Eroica Limburg poster? First of all you see a couple of riders riding the hills of Limburg in the most famous racing shirts in history. Starting with the TI-Raleigh shirt, the masters of TTT, winners of so many classic stages and team of so many world champions. Second of course our Eroica Limburg shirt and finally the iconic Molteni shirt of the ‘cannibal' Eddy Merckx. In the distance our little Fiat cinquecento is riding amongst the cyclists.
You can see in the left of the poster the famous border marker of our province. A real icon of Limburg. Many riders that participated last year will recognize also the cycle ferry across the Meuse river in Eijsden. Of course our famous windmills and historic clay and wooden houses are also in the frame. In short this is what Eroica Limburg is all about. Riding in the cross border cycling province of the Netherlands, where cycling is truly at home.





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