Eroica Limburg 2017

October 16, 2017

It may have taken us a while, but we have finally found a moment to look back and reflect on Eroica Limburg 2017. It has been nearly four months since the last cyclists crossed the finishing line, the final notes of the music faded away and the last glass of Brand beer was tapped. Time flies, doesn't it? Still, we enjoyed it tremendously. We enjoyed the fantastically dressed cyclists on their unique and graceful metal bikes, each one with more quirky charm than the next. Savoured the wide range of live performances on the stage in Dersaborg park. And delighted in all the tasty treats the food trucks had to offer.

An impressive 725 cyclists from over 25 countries took part in this second edition of Eroica in Limburg. The majority of participants hailed from the Netherlands and Germany, while the entrant who travelled the farthest was a cyclist who flew all the way from New Zealand. This pack of over 700 cyclists is an increase that puts us well on our way to that magic goal of 1000+ participants.

Eroica Limburg received a warm embrace from the media as well. In recent months, numerous articles about Eroica Limburg have appeared in national and international media, both online and in print. The tone has been positive and the media value considerable, something of which we are extremely proud.

The responses from participants following the race were highly positive as well. Some adjustments had been made to the routes based on the first edition. These modifications were greeted with approval. In particular, the ferry crossing over the Maas river and the portion of the route across the Belgian border received rave reviews. The international character of Eroica Limburg is particularly evident in this positive cross-border contact with the Belgian province of Limburg. We are especially proud that we, here in our cross-border region, recognise these connections and opportunities across the borders and are able to grasp them, together with our Belgian partners. Mutual trust and identifying new possibilities are the key concepts in this partnership.

This year, additional attention was also paid to the rest stops. Which, judging by the many reactions, paid dividends. Many were enthusiastic about the final rest stop in particular, the one near the Brand beer brewery in Wijlre. It's easy to understand why, since it's the perfect setting to enjoy a tasty glass. There's no fresher brew than straight from the source. We were, however, asked by participants if it would be possible to skip the Dead Man's Hill next year; that's the climb that starts practically inside the brewery. We'll take it under advisement when we start laying out the route. No promises, though....;)

The only thing we had going against us was the bad weather. From the starting point in Valkenburg, it was simply pouring. And the rain put the proverbial damper on the weekend's other activities as well. As it turns out, the weather gods looked with ill favour on all the various editions of Eroica worldwide. Our colleagues in Spain were also dealt some heavy showers and cold. Let's just say that shared misery feels lessened somehow.
In short, the true Eroica participant pays no mind to a bit of rain. It only makes the ride that much more heroic.

Among the aforementioned 725 heroes this year, we once again saw a few old cracks, including Jan Janssen, Johan Musseeuw and Leo van Vliet. It was great to see them putting in the graft in their authentic jerseys and on vintage bicycles. The trip to the Tour de France passage went smoothly, too. There was quite a contrast between the vintage cyclists of the Eroica pack and the Tour participants. It was really great to see them forge that connection.

Besides cycling, the second major portion of the event is the music festival, cycling fair, nostalgic fun fair and the food truck festival in Dersaborg park. Luckily, we can reflect on a successful edition where the festival is concerned as well. The various performances drew hundreds of visitors, plenty of families visited the nostalgic fun fair, the cycling fair was also well-attended and the food truck festival satisfied the tastes of cyclists and other visitors alike.

Months of preparation go into the making of a successful edition of Eroica Limburg. Which makes it so strange when we watch this intense, nostalgic three-day experience simply fly by. So many impressions, so many special moments and so many nationalities and cultures cycle past us (literally and figuratively). It's extraordinary and a privilege to be able to take part. For us, the real enjoyment comes afterwards, when we see the photos and video images and revisit that unique Eroica atmosphere.

Yes, it's been four months already. And, believe it or not, preparations for the third edition of Eroica Limburg in 2018 have been underway for several weeks. Together with all our partners in the Netherlands and abroad, we have already taken the first steps in organising the weekend of 29 June – 1 July. It will be a weekend in which we open the festival on Friday; host the Eroica ride on Saturday; and on Sunday, the weekend will wrap-up in classic Eroica style on the festival grounds. We would love to have you join us for this nostalgic weekend of cycling and live music!! Mark the date on your calendar right away, and we'll take care of the rest. Registration and early bird tickets available from December 1.

And keep an eye on our social media accounts on Facebook (@eroicalimburg), Instagram (@eroicalimburg) and Twitter (@eroicalimburg), because there's an early bird promotion scheduled to start on 1 December.

See you in Limburg soon!

Richard & Iwan





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