History of the Eroica

L'eroica is also a Foundation whose purpose is to safeguard the heritage of the white roads of tuscany.
These romantically actual ideals gave rise to the idea of the cycling event born in 1997. At the start, at the time, there were 92 "hunters of feelings and emotions", but now eroica is an example of environmental sustainability, sustainable lifestyle, of clean cycling which indicates the future by looking to the past: witness the numbers of a success due to the passion of its organizers and creators. Over 5000 subscribers within the limited number, 15,000 people including the accompanying families. From this year to underline the commitment to the development of education in environmental sustainability an area has been dedicated to companies that engage in this particular sector. It is just another example of how the concept of the eroica can be as timely as ever

Limburg a Cycling Mecca

The Province of Limburg is inseparably linked to cycling, which is firmly rooted in the community of this region. Limburg can be regarded as the Dutch cycling mecca – in Maastricht a ‘speed test on wooden vélocipèdes’ was held in September 1869, no less. This was almost certainly the very first cycling race in the Netherlands. A few decades later Mathieu Cordang would write history as the first world champion from Limburg. In 1895 the racing cyclist from the village of Blerick won the world championship for amateur Track Cycling in Cologne. 
In Limburg you can sense the passion for cycling. People are not only proud of their own pro cyclists but also of the routes on their own soil. Since the start of the 20th century the rolling and hilly landscape has been the scene of countless thrilling cycling challenges.

Limburg as cycling ground is the venue for many major competitions in the Netherlands. Countless Dutch championships have been, and are still, played out here. Moreover, every year the Eneco Tour, Olympia’s Tour, Ster Elektro Tour and Holland Ladies Tour hold their most important and most gruelling stages in this province, located on the borders with Germany and Belgium. The Ronde van Limburg and the Volta Limburg Classic are other major classics, with the Amstel Gold Race as the absolute jewel in the crown. The Pro Tour classic, which starts in Maastricht and finishes just beyond the Cauberg in Valkenburg, is regarded as the Netherlands’ international cycling showpiece. Even the world’s most important stage race, the Tour de France, has finished in Limburg three times: in 1969 in Maastricht, while in both 1992 and 2006 Valkenburg was the successful host of an unforgettable Limburg Tour celebration, attended by hundreds of thousands of spectators from the Netherlands and abroad. And in 2009 the Tour of Spain passed through the province, with the North Limburg town of Venlo as stage venue.



Last but not least, the Province of Limburg has been selected no less than six times by the UCI for Road cycling World championships. Indeed, the southernmost Dutch province holds a special place in the rich history of the UCI Road cycling World Championships. Heerlen was once the venue for the championships, and in 1967 Eddy Merckx won the first of his three professional world championship titles here. The World Championships have played out no fewer than five times on the famous Cauberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul: 1938 (Marcel Kint), 1948 (Briek Schotte), 1979 (Jan Raas), 1998 (Oscar Camenzind) and in 2012 (Philippe Gilbert). That’s a world record. So Valkenburg has every reason to proudly present itself as World Cycling Capital. 




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