The Routes

The organisers have gone above and beyond to make the route of the fourth Eroica Limburg even more beautiful and surprising. The Limburg region with its hills, plateaus, meandering River Meuse and plethora of castles, caves and historical sites is the perfect setting for Eroica, the world’s greatest retro cycling event. It will therefore come as no surprise that all these elements will play a part in this year’s routes. A novity is the theme of the world championships which we have adopted for this years Eroica Limburg. Limburg having hosted the Worlds a record breaking 6 times is the place to pay tribute to these championships. The routes will bring a tribute to the rich Worlds heritage in Limburg.
Another novity. The 2019 edition of Eroica Limburg will have four routes, which are respectively 35, 65, 125 and 200 kilometres long. All routes will explicitly cross borders, extending all the way into Germany and Belgian Limburg.

The family ride (35 Km)

We are still working on this route, however you will be cycling a large part on the famous world championships route. This short route is ideally for people who would like to relax, see the scenery and take the whole family out on a trip in the unique Eroica retro style.

Historical crossborder ride (65km)

The shortest route will mostly take in Limburg’s hills and the fruit-growing region around Eijsden-Margraten. Needless to say, cyclists will pass the Valkenburg caves and the Cauberg hill. In Eijsden-Margraten, which is home to many fruit growers, cyclists will enjoy a quick stopover at Fruit Erop Uit. This organisation will, in a surprising manner, offer participants the very best that Limburg has on offer in terms of fruit farming. The highlight of all routes will definitely be passing through the American soldiers’ cemetery in Margraten. We will bring an impressive salute to these heroes, our liberators, who fell in combat in World War II.
After Margraten, cyclists will head for the ‘Land of Lime’. Participants in the 60km tour will enjoy a food break at the Cortenbach estate in Voerendaal. After visiting this special location, cyclists will continue down unpaved roads to the Brand beer brewery in Wijlre. Following a nice pint, they will climb a few challenging but very beautiful hills on their way to the finish line in Valkenburg.

The Maas (Meuse river) ride (125 Km)

Like the 200km route, the 125km route will initially follow the 65km route, with all the highlights described above. The first food stop of the 125km route will be at the idyllic Rijckholt Castle in Gronsveld.
After some 30 kilometres, the 125km and 200km route will enter Belgium. A special means of transport will take cyclists across the River Meuse and drop them off on an actual isle, right between the Netherlands and Belgium, after which participants will continue down Belgian roads towards their second rest stop at De Waterburcht in Millen (Riemst). This historical site, which boasts a beautiful outdoor seating area in a courtyard, will treat participants to a veritable exhibition of old cycling costumes. Cyclists will return to Dutch Limburg via the notorious Hallembaye hill and will get back to Valkenburg via the course of the Amstel Gold Race. Needless to say, the Eroica ‘heroes’ will pass the iconic Belgisch Rijwielhuis (Belgian Bicycle House) in Geulhem (this is true for all three routes). In addition to the retro Red Bull stop which can be found here, participants may convince Emiel, the owner of the bike shop, to play his accordion for them. Who will be the first to ask him?

Ultimate crossborder ride (200 Km)

This is the ultimate Eroica experience that Limburg has on offer. We have even found an extra 40 kilometers of roads to make this the ultimate Eroica challenge.
All the tourist attractions of the Limburg border area are included in this route – all the highlights of the border area united in one single 200km pedal-pushing experience. Brace yourself, because this is a ride for real ‘heroes’. In addition to all the attractions outlined above, this route includes several wonderfully scenic miles in the Belgian part of Limburg. Following the final border crossing, cyclists will pass through hilly scenery and then through the ‘Land of Limestone’, to make a pit stop at the Cortenbach estate, which constitutes the final food break (only in the 65km and 200km routes). After Cortenbach, we will cycle through many of Limburg’s small villages. Hard work makes people thirsty, but not to worry – we have you covered in this respect! Participants in the 65km and 200km routes will be granted the opportunity to quench their thirst at the Brand beer brewery in Wijlre, where the beer Limburg is proud of will be waiting for you. Make sure you do not overindulge, because after the brewery comes the Dead Man’s Hill. Don’t say we didn’t warn you... We will return to the finish line in the great cycling town of Valkenburg via the moat of the impressive Schaloen Castle.




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